Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an imperative — and together, we are all accountable for our culture of respect and inclusion.

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“We believe in, and are committed to, a culture of respect and inclusion. Together, we are working across the entire firm — being intentional to strengthen our inclusive environment where our employees, customers and partners feel welcomed and valued in the communities where we do business. A company that is diverse and inclusive can better serve the world — and have generational impact. And that is good for everyone.”

Brian Lamb, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Our Communities:

Employee Programs

Logo Advancing black pathways

Helping black people chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment.

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Providing women with opportunities to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

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Advancing Black Leaders is a diversity strategy aimed at attracting, hiring, retaining and advancing black talent – from within the internal community at JPMorgan Chase, as well as across the external marketplace.

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Recognizing the tremendous sacrifices military members, veterans and their families have made for our nation.

Business Resource Groups

Inclusive groups that collaborate across regions and within the BRG network – enabling employees to share ideas, grow professionally and connect with colleagues who have similar interests. BRG priorities align to the firm’s and all are open to every employee. Today, over 35% of employees across 53 countries are a member of at least one of our BRGs.

Stories, Insights & News

See how JPMorgan Chase employees are putting their unique talents to work for non-profits.


We conduct periodic pay equity reviews at all levels. In 2019, in aggregate, women globally were paid 99% of what men were paid, U.S. minorities were paid more than 99% of what non-minorities were paid — taking into account factors such as an employee's role, tenure, seniority and geography. We are proud of the overall diversity of our workforce. However, we also know that women and minorities still are not represented in as many senior management positions as men and non-minorities. Despite the significant progress we have made, we are taking a variety of actions focused on hiring, retaining, developing and advancing women and minorities, especially at more senior levels.